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1-telephone interview

Due to the incredibly high rate of competition for available jobs on the market, the interviewing process has changed and Telephone Interviews have become a very common technique for employers to use. With up to two hundred or more applicants often applying for one particular post, companies have devised much easier ways to process all the possible candidates without having to physically interview each one and a Telephone Interview is the standard used. (more…)

Annette Lewis | How To Answer

Doing well in a job interview has nothing to do with luck!

Neither is it simply a question of experience. Nor is it a measure of your suitability for the job.

Unfair as it may seem, succeeding in an interview has everything to do with giving winning interview answers to what are very often predictable questions. (more…)

Annette Lewis | Job Interview Advice
Gone are the days when we could expect a job for life. We live in a fluid job market, one in which we can expect to change jobs many times during the course of our working lives. The ability to succeed in interviews has become an essential life skill. Master your interview skills and you’ll put your career on the firmest possible footing and land the job you really want. (more…)
Annette Lewis | Graduates

Interview Skills Graduates
For a graduate or school leaver facing their first interview, there will be understandable concern over the types of interview questions asked. You are unlikely to have had much work experience to draw from, therefore interviewers will focus more on asking questions that will tell them about the kind of person you are rather than the sort of work you’ve done. (more…)

Have You been invited to a Competency Based Interview? Perhaps you have never heard of this type of interview before and have arrived at this page wanting to learn more about them. Maybe you have experienced a Competency Interview previously and struggled with this difficult and unfamiliar format. (more…)
Behavioural Interview Questions, also called Situational, are used as a tool in job interviews to discover how your performance in a previous job may contribute to your future performance in the role being recruited for. (more…)

Jobs in the Administration and Clerical sector require a unique and broad set of skills. Value is placed on organisation and communication skills to mention just two and in the interview, questions will be targeted at discovering just how competent you are. (more…)


Having interviewed for a range of Customer Services and Call Centre positions I am very familiar with the different types of interview questions you will come across. Some will be directed towards discovering how capable you are and whether you possess the essential skills such as communication and customer handling, while others aim to find out how committed you are and how long you will stay in the role. (more…)


Project Management is a skill required in many roles and on this page I provide a sample of job interview questions which relate to the planning, management and delivery of projects in a variety of sectors. This article is relevant to positions such as: Project Manager, Programme Manager Analysts and Project Office Manager (PMO) roles. (more…)


A career in Sales, Marketing and PR can be lucrative, exciting and interesting for those with the right temperament. This article contains a sample of the types of interview questions you will encounter in interviews for positions such as Sales Executive, Sales Representative, Sales Agent Sales Advisor Sales Manager Account Manager Head of Sales. (more…)