Free Interview Tips #1 – How To Answer Any Interview Question With Total Confidence

Free Interview Tips #1 – How To Answer Any Interview Question With Total Confidence

Welcome back and in this, the first part of your free interview tips, I am going to reveal a piece of information which could make a huge improvement to your interview performance.

The Secret To A Truly Effective Interview Answer Lies In It’s Structure!

FACT: While the content of any interview answer is important, the way it’s structured
can make all the difference between a losing and winning candidate. Take for example, an applicant I interviewed recently for a large multi-national company, one who presented with a very strong CV and who on paper was a potential winner.

Early on in the interview I asked them a reasonably straight forward Competency Based Question, one which should have been easy to answer for any well prepared candidate. I was very disappointed by the quality of their response. They clearly didn’t know how to answer these types of questions, they rambled, they became confused and they repeated themselves.

This happened a number of times during the interview and ultimately we decided we couldn’t put them through to the next round. It was a shame as they really could have
got the job with just a little interview skills practice.

Remember, communication is a key skill required in so many jobs. Although you may have a strong CV, if you can’t convey your skills and experience clearly and succinctly you
run the risk of missing out of the job offer.

Give Winning Interview Answers Every Time With These Simple Techniques

Tip # 1: Structure Your Answers Like An Expert

Here is an easy to remember formula which is great for giving structure to answers to direct interview questions. It’s so simple, it really is as easy as ABC!

A = Answer in the first sentence

B = Build logically and

C = Conclude and summarise

It’s so easy to remember and it brings structure irrespective of the question or topic.

Tip # 2: Evidence Counts

Add credibility to your answer in two simple ways:

a. Quote figures to illustrate the scale of any tasks, achievements or results you have delivered. This is very powerful as it shows the magnitude of your contribution.

b. Detail positive feedback received from superiors, colleagues, clients or customers. Quote what they said; positive affirmations are always more effective when coming from a 3rd party than from yourself.

Tip # 3: Blow Your Trumpet

When asked about strengths or skills, don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet. I have seen so many candidates use qualifying statements such as ‘I think I’m good at…’ or ‘I’m reasonably ok with…’ which simply come across as very weak.

Be direct, confident and strong and say ‘I am good at…’ or ‘I am excellent at..’ and then provide evidence to give weight to your claim as per Tip #2 above.

Keep these tips in mind when preparing for your interview and your answers will be much stronger and more effective.

Do also watch out for tomorrow’s email where I share with you the classic mistake made by 9 out of 10 interview candidates.

Thank you for reading.

Annette Lewis
Interview Coach

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