Interview Excellence: 12 Step Program to Job Interview Success

By Joe McDermott

Interview Excellence: 12 step program to job interview success

268 Pages
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Developed after years of research by HR professionals this unique program takes you through the 12 key steps guaranteed to help you win great job offers.

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  • The three factors every interviewer is looking for
  • How to succeed in any interview type including panel and telephone interviews
  • How to build rapport with an inexperienced interviewer
  • How to overcome interview nerves
  • How to create a perfect first impression
  • How to keep your profile at the top of the list when the interviewer is making their decision

This guide includes 210 job interview questions along with sample answers based on actual replies given by winning and losing candidates at job interviews.

Table of Contents


Part 1: Essential Theory

Chapter 1. Interview Basics
Chapter 2. How to succeed in any Interview
Chapter 3. The Interview Structure
Chapter 4. Interview Questions Analysed

Part II: 12 Steps to Interview Success

Takes you through in exact detail the key actions you need to take in today’s competitive job market to secure the top job offers.

Part III: Top Answers to Top Questions

210 Job Interview Questions with 120 detailed sample answers as given by winning candidates which can be used to answer almost any question. Also included is an analysis of what the interviewer is looking for with each question and 120 answers guaranteed to lose you the job.

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