Interview Preparation Guide For Job Seekers

Annette Lewis | Job Interview Advice
Considering the positive impact a new job can have on the life of a successful job seeker in terms of increased salary, satisfaction and status, I am constantly surprised by the volume of candidates who arrive at an interview insufficiently prepared.

In fact, a recent survey showed that 9 out of 10 interview candidates failed to prepare properly for their job interview.

Not surprisingly they missed out on the job offer. As an interviewer I will be looking for clues to see just how interested a candidate is in the role and I will ask questions to determine this. Very often poor preparation is revealed with the answers to these questions and I then have to wonder whether the candidate is really interested in the job or just at the interview for practice.

In this interview preparation guide for jobseekers I give my favourite tips and advice to make getting ready for your interview easy.

Why Preparation for a Job Interview is Vital

Preparation for a job interview is vital and is the first step towards success. With adequate preparation you will know exactly what the employer is looking for, you will have a good idea of the questions they will ask and you will have effective answers ready on the tip of your tongue.

Interviews can be nerve wracking for many people however by preparing in advance, for the interview you can perform in a relaxed, positive and confident manner. The situation will be familiar to you and you will be ready for any question they can throw at you.

Thorough interview preparation is essential if you are serious about the job and there really is no excuse for just showing up to the interview without having done at least some very basic preparation.

What is the best Interview Preparation Strategy?

My favourite interview preparation strategy is to Anticipate, Prepare and Rehearse. Firstly anticipate the questions that are likely to be asked, then Prepare answers and finally Rehearse those answers until you can deliver them smoothly and clearly.

There are a whole variety of strategies you can use and later in the article I give my favourite interview preparation tips. Whatever you do, remember that even some preparation in advance is better then none at all.

Should I Go To My Interview Without Preparing?

Someone said to me recently “I have been working for 20 years, I have a great CV so really, why can’t I just go along to the interview and talk about my achievements – won’t that be enough?”

I advised them that whatever level they are at and no matter how experienced, interview preparation is always recommended. They failed to take my advice and they found themselves at a very difficult interview being asked why they were applying for a job for which they were over-qualified. They were stumped as they had no idea an employer would consider this to be the case. Some preparation before the interview would have shown them that in fact the job was in practical terms below their grade.

How Much Time Should Interview Preparation Take?

The more time you spend preparing the better your chances of getting the job offer. Start as soon as you begin the job search process and when you have made an application start preparing your answers. You may be able to spend and hour or two practicing however you may find that this is just enough to get by.

Interview Preparation Resources To Use

You have started by visiting this site where you will find lots of information and advice and it’s all free. You can purchase books from Amazon or your local book store and you can practice with online resources such as InterviewGold. This is an interactive system that you access online and where you can practice with mock interviews, videos and even record yourself with a webcam.

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