So, its 2020 and you haven’t had an interview for some time and your interview skills have become rusty. Or perhaps you are just starting out on your career path and you want to learn what to do when the dreaded interview comes along. Read on. (more…)


overcome interview nervousness

So you’ve got the call or email telling you to come for interview for the job you’ve always wanted and … you panic! You break into a sweat, your heart races, you ask yourself, what will they ask, how should I answer, what will I wear? (more…)


job interview

So time to get ready for your job interview and in this article we provide you with the key tasks to complete before stepping through the door of the interview room. (more…)

You know when you meet someone for the first time you start forming ideas in your head of what type of person they are. You ask yourself are they trustworthy, are they friendly, will I get on with them. This is a natural human trait designed to protect ourselves from danger and ensure that we are safe. (more…)
Many deadlines have now passed for graduate job applications to the major institutions and now is the time to focus on the interview stage. Graduate interviews usually take the form of Assessment Centres due to the large number of applications and numeric requirements. (more…)
If you’re entering the job market for the first time, perhaps as a school leaver or graduate, you may well be facing your first job interview with some misgivings. You can get over those fears with good preparation and in this article I will share some of my tops interview tips for graduates and school leavers. (more…)