Graduate Interviews: Are you prepared for the dreaded Assessment Centre?

Many deadlines have now passed for graduate job applications to the major institutions and now is the time to focus on the interview stage. Graduate interviews usually take the form of Assessment Centres due to the large number of applications and numeric requirements.These involve a series of selection procedures including:

•    Aptitude tests
•    Personality tests
•    Group discussions
•    Case studies
•    Presentations
•    In tray exercises
•    Written exercises

These will all be used to assess your skill and competency. Your communication skills, decision making and teamwork will also be monitored. Follow my simple steps below to ensure you shine at your graduate interview, or any other interview that operates Assessment Centres:

1. Prepare: Make sure that you prepare for your Assessment Centre ahead of time in order to feel confident and show yourself in the best light.

2. Act professionally: Conduct yourself as if you already work there to show the employer that you will fit in.

3. Dress professionally: Dress to impress by wearing appropriate business wear. For example if you are attending a graduate finance interview wear a suit, like your future colleagues.

4. Confidence: When introducing yourself at the Assessment Centre look the assessor  directly in the eye, be polite and deliver a firm hand shake when being greeted. This should ensure you make a positive first impression and are remembered later.

5. ‘Work the room’: Ensure that the Assessment Centre assessors see you as a team player by making the first move to introduce yourself to assessors and other potential candidates.

6. Keep focussed: Remember that even when you are not being directly tested everything you do will be seen and noted so keep your focus. Stay motivated and professional at all times.

7. Read the instructions: Pay close attention to all instructions, and carefully read any information provided during the assessments.

Many graduate interviews will take place in the Spring and this article is full of interview advice and tips that will help you prepare for any job interview.

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