Sample Job Interview Questions for Legal Assistant, Paralegal, Solicitor and Lawyers

This article contains a sample of the types of interview questions you will encounter in the Legal Sector and for positions such as: Legal Secretary, Legal Executive, Legal Assistant, Paralegal, Solicitor and Lawyers in both a corporate and a private practice environment.

Most interviews in this sector will follow a standard structure which includes, The Introduction, followed by Setting the Scene, then Exploration, Selling and finally Closure.

The Exploration Stage is all about the questions and these will vary depending on the employer, the level of job you are applying for, the amount of experience you have, the recommended recruiting policy and the personal preference of the interviewer.

You will find that many employers are now using Competency Based Interviewing techniques when recruiting for Legal jobs. You should expect both Competency Based and Behavioural Questions exploring key skills such as:

  • Detailed understanding of the law and legal procedure
  • Excellent Client Facing Skills
  • Ability to deal with confidential and sensitive information
  • Attention to Detail
  • Ability to analyse large volumes of information
  • Interest in the law and an ability to follow procedures

Qualified Solicitors, Lawyers and Senior Law Professionals should expect questions exploring:

  • Your ability to manage a team
  • Skills with developing and building relationships
  • An ability to develop and maintain fee generating streams
  • Political and commercial awareness

For each of the above you should expect 3-4 questions along with standard questions exploring your legal training and qualifications, reasons for choosing your career and reasons for applying.

Sample Interview Questions For Legal Interviews

Here is a sample of interview questions for a variety of Legal roles. How would you answer?

Interview Question 1: ‘Tell me why did you choose to specialise in this area of the law?’

Interview Question 2: ‘What impact do you feel Human Rights have had on the development of law in the last decade?

Interview Question 3: ‘Talk me through a difficult legal decision you made, one where the data was ambiguous or the information led to two different conclusions.

Interview Question 4: ‘Tell me about a time when you had to communicate complex legal information. What was the situation, what approach did you take and what was the result?

Interview Question 5: ‘Describe a time when you used your skills to persuade a manager or colleague to accept your recommendations.

Interview Question 6: ‘What is the standard of the reasonable person and how does this apply in the legal area of negligence?’

* Questions taken from the InterviewGold Interview System.

How to Succeed in Legal Interviews

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