How To Interview If You Are Overqualified For The Job

Annette Lewis | Job Interview Advice
For many reasons you may have applied for a job for which you are overqualified.It may be that you are looking for a change in career into a slower paced environment and a less stressful role. You may have moved home and are looking to downsize your work.

Whatever the reason, an interviewer will be curious and will almost certainly bring up the subject of qualifications.

The interviewer’s main concern will not be around your ability to do the job but will revolve around your commitment to the role. They will be concerned that you will be unhappy, will get bored and will leave as soon as something better comes along.

Advice For Questions About Being Overqualified

A useful interview technique to use in the interview is to confirm to the interviewer that you have read the job description and have not made a mistake.

Demonstrate this by telling them what you like about the position and show that you have targeted this type of position specifically as opposed to a desperate jab at any role.

Be clear about your reasons for applying and be honest. If you see it as a way to get into an employer of choice, say so. It will show that you have thought about your future and researched the market. You know which organisations count and which don’t.

Another good interview technique is to show commitment to the organisation. Even if true, do not mention that it is a stepping stone to some other organisation in 12 months time.Convince the interviewer that you are looking for a long term career with this particular organisation and willing to start low and work up as opportunities present themselves. Talk about a 5 year time frame in terms of changing role and promotions.

It may be that you are moving to different part of the country where the number of available jobs is lower. In this scenario it is normal to start in an organisation at a lower qualified role and work up.

Remember, there are many reasons why over qualified people apply for entry level jobs. Whether due to changes in family life, changes in financial circumstances and an overall desire for a less stressful way of life all of these are genuine reasons and the above techniques can be employed in the job interview to impress the interviewer and win you the job.

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