Interviewing Employees – How to Prepare For a Successful Job Interview

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The key to successfully interviewing people for a job is to prepare properly in advance. Making sure that valuable time isn’t wasted interviewing unsuitable candidates comes down to diligent work behind the scenes beforehand.In this article we talk through some top tips to remember when interviewing people and give you some pointers as to how to prepare so as to achieve a successful outcome and hire the best person for the job.

Documenting The Job Is Essential

Vital to success is documenting the job and the type of person you are looking for. Create a Job Description and Person Specification and with both of these you will be able to write a job advert to attract the right applicants. These will also be essential when selecting applicants to call to interview as CV’s and application forms can be matched easily.

The first step is to stop and think about what you need. What will the person be required to do? Will they be a replacement or a new role, and how will they fit in with others? Take soundings from the people who will supervise or manage the new person and the people who will work with them. Don’t be tempted to rush straight into hiring as the cost of getting the wrong person in the wrong position could punish you for a long time.

The job description will be devolved from these discussions and will have a list of responsibilities, duties and capabilities required. But it can also be treated as an opportunity to sell the role and the company to prospective employees. So include an opening paragraph that describes the importance of the position to the company and what the person who fills it can expect.

It would be worthwhile trying to make the document less dry and formal but beware of going too far with that as it may give the wrong impression of the culture of the company; try and make it echo the organisation’s values and standards.

Decide How to Market the Vacancy

Advertising should be accurate, deriving from the job description and tying in with the company’s ethos too, and where the adverts are placed is important too. Adverts in the Guardian for media researchers for the Conservative party, for example, are likely to be a waste of time.

Beware of blanket web advertising strategies, make sure you have control over which sites the ads will be going to.

If you are using a recruitment agency and relying on their advertising department, take the time to prepare them solidly. If they appear to just be going through the motions, and not representing your company in a way that’s likely to attract the right people, it’s time to start looking for another agency.

Proper Preparation Will Result in a Successful Interview

Before you get to the point of interviewing people, you will need to select which applicants to call to interview. When CV’s start coming in,don’t just read through them, check them against the job description and highlight the discrepancies. You’re unlikely to be lucky enough to end up with a number of people who match the requirements exactly but you do need the discard those who don’t match closely enough.

When you have a short-list of people to interview, prepare for the interview by re-reading the CV’s of the candidates and getting your questions ready. Create an interview script and ensure that each interviewer has a copy if using a panel interview format.

Of course there will be times when interviewing people that someone will have to step in to replace an interviewer in an emergency and won’t have had the time to read the CVs. By having an interview script prepared it will be possible for the replacement interviewer to gather the information required to make an accurate hiring decision.

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