Interviewing Skills – What Employers Need To Know When Interviewing Candidates

Joe McDermott | Employers
As an employer, or a manager involved in the hiring process, it’s crucial that you are able to use your interviewing skills to find out exactly what you need to about the person sitting in front of you, and how they’ll fit into your organisation. But unless you are very lucky and were born a natural interviewer, it’s wise to invest in interview skills training or you could both be wasting your time.

Matching Candidates To Roles

The most damaging way to find out if your interview skills are up to scratch is to start interviewing without any skills training, or even without practice. If you do that, then the decision you make is likely to come down to how well you got on with the interviewee or how similar they are to yourself. While it’s important to get people who have the right people skills, it’s wrong to be blinded by rapport and assess people purely on it.

Imagine a Managing Director from a sales background looking for an Operations Director to take care of the day-to-day running of the company. A similar person to the MD will probably be the worst at filling the role. The Operations Director will need to be methodical, focused on detail and a good people manager, whereas the MD needs vision, leadership and motivational skills. They should be complementary, not similar.

If the MD relies on rapport alone to decide who should help him run the company then the selection is unlikely to yield the best candidate. Interview skills training can help novice interviewers develop the skills they need to extract the right information.

Why Interview Skills Training Is More Important Today

Consider the way that businesses are run these days. The pace of change is faster, staff turnover is higher and there is competition for the best talent. Organisations now have to deal with human capital, unlike a few decades ago, when the value of an organisation was held in its stock and orders.

Employers cannot treat people in the same way as widgets; if they do then they will lose all their best staff. And even if employers do treat their staff well they may still leave. We are living in an age where the new entrants to the job market will expect to work for a number of different companies throughout their career, or even have a number of different careers. The days of the ‘job-for-life’ are truly over.

Good Interviewers Get Good Staff

But what does this mean for employers and interviewers? To some extent, if you are looking to attract the cream of the crop, then they will be assessing you and your company, not the other way around. Interviewing skills training will help you learn skills that will enable you to elicit the right information from the interviewee while at the same time selling the company to them.

If you have put in the groundwork before the interview stage then you will have culled the candidates already and will know that you are interviewing the best prospects. With the backing of an effective interview skills training course, managers and employers will be able to select the best people to take the organisation forward.

Want Interview Skills Training At A Fraction Of The Cost?

Interviewer skills training can be expensive with some face to face courses charging in excess of £2,000. However for those organisations who cannot afford these exorbitant charges or the time to send managers out of the office there is a solution.

RecruitSure contains a complete interviewer skills training course with video, audio and animation and teaches you how to conduct the perfect interview. It is all online so you can develop your interviewing skills without having to leave the office and best of all, it comes at a fraction of the cost of a face to face course.

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