Annette Lewis | Job Interview Advice
For many reasons you may have applied for a job for which you are overqualified.It may be that you are looking for a change in career into a slower paced environment and a less stressful role. You may have moved home and are looking to downsize your work. (more…)
Annette Lewis | Job Interview Advice

1-telephone interview

Due to the incredibly high rate of competition for available jobs on the market, the interviewing process has changed and Telephone Interviews have become a very common technique for employers to use. With up to two hundred or more applicants often applying for one particular post, companies have devised much easier ways to process all the possible candidates without having to physically interview each one and a Telephone Interview is the standard used. (more…)

Annette Lewis | Job Interview Advice
Gone are the days when we could expect a job for life. We live in a fluid job market, one in which we can expect to change jobs many times during the course of our working lives. The ability to succeed in interviews has become an essential life skill. Master your interview skills and you’ll put your career on the firmest possible footing and land the job you really want. (more…)